Simple Pricing

We believe in up-front pricing.
Month-to-month. Cancel any time.

Software Only
$ 45 /mo

Per User Pricing

Clarify Priorities

Connect Yearly Goals with Weekly Actions

Develop the Right Strategy Execution Habits

Stay Focused On What Matters Most

$ 2,150 /mo

Includes Up to 5 Leaders

Quarterly, Monthly, and Weekly Strategy Sessions

Expert Facilitation

Training on the HabitStack Strategy Execution Method

1-on-1 Coaching for Each Leader

$ 5,450 /mo

Everything in Standard

Quarterly Strategy Summit (full day)

Additional 1-on-1 Coaching for Each Leader

Every Plan Includes...

Expert Coaching

We observe the team's strengths and weaknesses and then coach them on how to get more strategic work done.

Human Accountability

We run weekly check-ins because research shows that regular accountability improves results.

Proven Process

Break down annual goals into quarterly, monthly, and weekly wins. Our strategy execution process just works.

Consistent Strategy Meetings

We facilitate monthly and quarterly strategy meetings and make sure they happen no matter what.

100% Remote

Meeting online allows us to deliver maximum value to your leadership team without wasting anyone's time.

Simple Software

Visualize team progress and see early warning signs as your leadership team tracks goals from start to finish.

Not sure if HabitStack is what your team needs to achieve strategic goals faster?

Let's figure it out together.

Book a Strategy Execution Consult with a HabitStack Coach to get an unbiased perspective on your current situation.

You'll get our honest assessment of whether your leadership team is a good fit for the program or if there is a better option.

Frequently Asked Questions


Nope. We're confident that you'll get tremendous value from the program and will stay for a long time. However, if you ever need to cancel you can do that. We just need 30 days to wrap things up.

We accept credit cards, cheques, and Pre-Authorized Debit.

If you are unhappy in the first month, just ask for a full refund. Your team is ultimately in control of your results so we don't provide any guarantees beyond the initial trial period. Big picture, we're not in the business of taking money for services that you don't find value in, so if you are ever dissatisfied we'll work to make it right. Basically, we're reasonable and we expect customers to be reasonable, too.

Larger teams make it difficult for everyone to participate, so the best thing to do is split the team into two groups. However, if you feel that you really must have more than 5 people, we can do that with some small modifications to the meeting agendas and for a (reasonable) additional cost.


Our services are 100% remote so all the work is done via video calls and collaboration software. We are experts at online meetings so it works really well. This approach allows us to keeps our prices accessible and still deliver maximum value.

We support your leaders with a coaching cadence designed to increase the likelihood of achieving company goals. This includes meetings every quarter for 3 hours, every month for 90 minutes and every week for 30 minutes. Also, when people get stuck, we are there to help. We don't nickle and dime for the occasional ad hoc meeting.

Yes. The first thing we'll do is facilitate a strategy session to help you clarify your goals for the year.

Yes. We'll review your goals for measurability and alignment and then jump right into helping the team systematically execute on them.

We like and use the OKR framework with many companies. However, OKRs are only one piece of the overall puzzle. HabitStack is an end-to-end strategy execution program that includes coaching, tools, and a proven process to support your leadership team from start to finish.

We are not strategy consultants. We can help you come to a decision on what goals you are going to commit to and we can help you execute on those goals in a disciplined way. However, we don't provide market study, competitive analysis or other such services.

You'd be hard pressed to find a company better at what we do than we are. Since 2009, we've helped leaders achieve thousands of goals. A high percentage of companies we work with end up being acquired. That may or may not be your objective, but it speaks to the good things that happen when a team gets focused on strategic goals. You can get a sense for how our customers feel about HabitStack via the testimonials on this website. Feel free to Talk to a Coach if you have any other questions.